Baljeet Rai
Vital statistics
Full Name Baljeet Rai
Gender Male
Series Phineas and Ferb
Relatives Unnamed mother
Pets None
Alignment Good
Catchphrase "Why do I feel like Buford is going to wedgie me?"
Baljeet is a nerdy boy from India who may be the weakest member of the F Gang.


Baljeet is an Indian boy who always gets good grades and is constantly bullied by Buford. He is considered a nerd and, for him, to get an F on a math test is the scariest thing known to man. He has moved here from India for his education. He can play various instruments, including the drums and the guitar. Although it seems like all his feelings make him want to do math, he actually just does a lot of math, "the feelings come and go".


  • Baljeet is Buford's nerd.