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Vital statistics
Full Name Cosmo Cosma
Gender Male
Series Fairy Odd Parents
Relatives Wanda (wife), Poof (son), Timmy Turner (godchild)
Pets Phillip (nickel)
Alignment Good
Catchphrase "I found a nickel named Phillip. But it's a girl nickel!"
'Cosmo' Cosma is Timmy's male, idiotic fairy.


Cosmo is usually the cause behind Timmy's crazy adventures, often misunderstanding circumstances, or agreeing to grant a dumb wish. Cosmo's intellect, or lack of thereof, is often a source of many of the disastrous wishes that happen on the show. His head is quite literally empty and has no brain inside to speak of.


  • He is one of the only Nickelodeon characters to be dealt with Mpreg (male pregnancy), but since it is the guy fairy that has the baby it is okay.