Vital statistics
Full Name Dukey the Dog
Gender Male
Series Johnny Test
Relatives Johnny Test (owner)
Pets N/A
Alignment Good
Catchphrase "I'm gonna freak out now."
Dukey is a talking dog who is a member of the F Gang, along with his owner, Johnny.


He is often the voice of reason to Johnny's insanity, but winds up getting manipulated into supporting Johnny's crazy schemes and adventures (usually because of steak or Johnny tempting him into it). Despite his devotion to Johnny, Dukey frequently expresses deep disdain towards Johnny's less intelligent antics, believing their situation as master and pet is reversed.


  • Dukey has a spot on his butt he can't reach and loves it when someone scratches it.
  • Dukey has a distinctve braying laugh which is slightly similar to Orange's in The Annoying Orange series.