Phineas Flynn
Vital statistics
Full Name Phineas Flynn-Fletcher
Gender Male
Series Phineas and Ferb
Relatives Ferb Fletcher (stepbrother), Candace Flynn (sister), Linda Flynn (mother), Lawrence Fletcher (father)
Pets Perry (platypus)
Alignment Good
Catchphrase "Ferb, I know what we're gonna do today!"
Phineas Flynn is one of the two founders of the F Gang. An incurable optimist, Phineas constantly looks on the brighter side of things. He is as well extremely smart, creative, and persistent, causing him to build immensely large inventions with the help of his stepbrother, Ferb. His hospitality often affects his plans.


As a child, Phineas has a large amount of optimism. He pushes forward every time he makes a daily plan. This is what lets his plans succeed, as most children would simply give up once the plan calls for challenging tactics. Usually, Phineas will see the bright side of life, and when faced with a challenge, Phineas will simply find a way to get through it.

Phineas's feelings for Isabella are somewhat unclear, and seems to enjoy hanging around Isabella as a friend most of the time.


  • Phineas' name can be a reference to the novel Phineas Finn.
  • Phineas' first name plus Ferb's surname, Fletcher, could be a possible referance to the deceased British poet, Phineas Fletcher.